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Between Mars and June 2020. Zirkus Mond has been working on a solution to produce professional streamings. The shows are all online on their youtube channel and Zirkus Mond is still streaming the new shows which are now with audience in the tent.

This document has as two goals :

  • To explain the solution we developed if an other structure wants to create the same setting.

  • To propose to take in charge the streaming for an other structure/show which doesn’t have enough time or money to invest in building a streaming solution.

If you need any more information about any part of this document or would like to work with us, don’t hesitate to contact us. Find our contact in the contact part.


Our streamings are realized with a team of 3 people : 2 camera operators and one 1 streaming director live editing the video.

The streaming director and cameras operators are in communication with talkie walkies in order to make the cameras frames fit as good as possible the edit.

Our streaming setting is based on :

  • 2 free cameras, controlled the 2 cameras operator.

  • 2 fixed cameras

  • 1 Sound card

  • 1 computer with a HDMI capture card.

  • The softwares OBS-Studio and Resolume (optional)

Material description

    • DSLR camera :
      • Any DSLR camera can be used.
      • We experienced some issues with the Canon DSLR camera linked to the DeckLink Quad HDMI Recorder
      • Sony alpha cameras were giving great and easy results
    • Webcams
      • Any webcam can be used, they may not gives very good quality, but they are very handy.
    • Sound card
    • Cables
      • HDMI and USB cables, depending on the devices you are using.

Camera connection

Some camera like webcams can be directly recognized by the computer. Other cameras like DSLR cameras need a HDMI capture card for the computer to be able to get the video flow.

Sound connection

The sound is picked from a mixer to the computer through a sound card.



Software description

We are using OBS-studio to live edit the video and stream online.

Depending on the complexity of the edit and effects we need, we sometime use Resolume for editing the video.

In this last case, the video flow in sending from Resolume to OBS-Studio through a plugin called NDI.

In both cases, the sound is sent directly to OBS-Studio and synchronized with the video.

From OBS-Studio the video is streamed top any streaming platform like Youtube, Twitch, Facebook… Or to several at the same time using Restream

With Resolume

Without Resolume


Here is a approximation of the price of our setting, only about the material.




Price (€)

Cumputer compatible with HDMI capture card



HDMI recorder






DLSR camera

Sony alpha 7





80 meters


Sound card




About making a streaming

Streaming a show live online is first a technical challenge that requires a lot of preparation and tries. The first tries may obviously not be perfect but your setting will get quickly better with time.

Upon this technical challenge comes a artistic challenge : how to make the people watching online understand, follow and enjoy what is happening on stage, how can the rhythm of the live editing serves the rhythm of the performance and don’t break it.

Those two challenges requires time and investment from a team to make it work properly.

If you plan to do a lot of streaming in the future, and want to train a team for it, we would be very happy to share our experience with you.

Otherwise, we can share our skills and take charge of your streamings if it’s what fits you better.


Zirkus Mond Streaming :

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This document is written by Simon Moreau, streaming director of Zirkus Mond.

Simon Moreau :

Zirkus Mond :